SN-Chevron Aqua/White

SN-Chevron Aqua/White
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SN-Chevron Aqua/White
SN-Chevron Aqua/White

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The perfect travel blanket or security blanket!

Our snuggles are one side Minkee, one side Satin
15" x 15"

  Monogram can be a name or initial(s).
Monogram is done on an angle in the corner.
Please specify if you want it on the minkee or satin side.

Click the picture below the item to see the font choices.

Price:$16.00 Sale! $8.00
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You must select YES for Embroidery in order for your item to be Monogrammed. If you select NO and enter a Name or Initials, your order will be shipped WITHOUT a monogram.
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Monogram Initials Option:
Font Options:
Thread Color:
Monogram Name or Initials:
Notes-Monogram Side: